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When you need a proper flange fit for your pipe systems, we are happy to be provide you with high-quality repair products, such as a flange clamp. A flange repair clamp or ring can be used to fix a leak in flange gaskets on a pipe. Bolt leakage is stopped by injection of a suitable sealant fluid via injection sockets. In order to quote the correct flange repair clamp or ring to fix a leak, please download and complete the flange fit data sheet from our website.

A proper flange fit for your repairs

Romacon Petro B.V. is one of the leading international suppliers of pipe repair products. To be ensured of a reliable pipe system or to manage a quick repair, a matching flange fit or flange repair clamp is needed to prevent or stop a leak. You can buy a flange repair ring from our company at a competitive price. Moreover, all of our products meet the relevant European legislations, which guarantees you the best product quality. The specifications of our flange pipe repair clamp are as follows:

  • Body material: ASTM A 516 Gr. 70
  • Bolt material: A193 Gr. B7
  • Nut material: A194 Gr. 2H
  • Standard gasket: NBR

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Order your flange repair ring for a fast flange fit application. Send us a request for a quotation by filling in the contact form. We will contact you soon in response. If you require more information from our specialists, do not hesitate to call +31 88 76 54 450. They are happy to answer your questions regarding our products.

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