High pressure pipe repair clamps

Romacon Petro B.V. provides various professional pipeline repair products, such as high pressure pipe repair clamps for leaks. When a leak occurs, it is important to find and apply the right pipeline repair products quickly for the continuation of your processes. Whether you need high pressure pipe repair clamps for leaks in onshore or offshore transmission pipeline systems, you are ensured of the most suitable pipe repair product for your applications from our company.


Romacon Petro Split Repair Sleeves are used for making permanent repairs to onshore and offshore pipelines.


Romacon Petro Flange repair clamps are used to repair and stop leakage in flange gaskets.


Romacon Petro stainless steel repair clamps can be used to repair leaking pipes up to 30 bars quickly and economically.


Romacon Petro Pipe Mate half sleeves are used to repair non-leaking damaged areas on pipelines.


The Romacon Petro Pipe Tight coupling connects oil-, gas-, steam and petro-chemical pipelines easily and safely.


Romacon Petro Split Barrels are used where leaking couplings and flange connections cannot be taken off the pipe.


The stainless steel Needle Clamp is a pit-hole repair clamp and is the appropriate solution to repair small corrosion pits in steel pipes.


The Uni Coupling stainless steel grip and non-grip couplings connect pipe in shipbuilding and industry safely and permanently.

High pressure pipe repair clamps and other pipeline repair products

No matter which of our pipeline repair components you choose, you will always benefit from products that meet relevant European legislations, and are available at competitive prices. Because we are part of United Pipeline Products, which consists of various specialised companies in the pipeline repair industry, we always guarantee the best quality and reliability of your high pressure pipe repair clamps, sleeves and related products. Our components are fully certified to design and manufacture high pressure pipe repair products for pipeline leaks in the petrochemical Industry:

  • ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004
  • API
  • National Board
  • ASME Certificate of Authorization

Ask an obligation-free quotation and order your products

You can be informed about the prices of our pipeline repair sleeves, clamps for pipeline leaks and other products by means of an obligation-free quotation. When you have confirmed your order, you benefit from a fast delivery time. Of course, our specialists are available to provide you with personal advice. Because of our personal service and direct contact with our clients, a fast repair of your pipeline system is guaranteed. As for a quotation by filling in the contact form. You can also reach us by calling +31 88 76 54 450.