The Uni Coupling stainless steel grip and non-grip couplings connect pipe in shipbuilding and industry safely and permanently.

High flexibility and safety margins determine the basic principle of Uni Coupling.
Uni Coupling features a unique patent solution you can rely on.
Uni Coupling applies one unique technical principle to two basic types of products and is available for any type of pipe combination to be joined.
Based on the well-proven coupling technology we combine different pipe materials to provide optimal solutions for customers.
The safety and reliability of the Uni Coupling has been examined and certified by public authorities, insurance companies, technical inspectors and licensing institutions for all the major industrial sectors in most industrial countries.

  • Suitable for any pipe material
  • Easy installation technology
  • Progressive anchoring and sealing effect
  • Compensates axial movement and angular deflection
  • Pressure-resistant and leak-proof even with inaccurate pipe assembly
  • Corrosion resistant and temperature resistant

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